February 12, 2020

What’s driving Millennial, Gen Z nurses

Editor's Note

A new HCA Healthcare survey finds that in the past 4 years Millennials and Gen Z nurses have gone from being the minority to now being the majority in the employee population, and their professional priorities and expectations differ from past generations, according to a February 11 report from the Advisory Board.

Among the factors most important to respondents for creating a positive work environment are:

  • colleague relationships, 44%
  • flexible scheduling, 43%
  • opportunity for career advancement, 43%
  • communication and ability to make clinical decisions, 42%
  • basic needs, like breaks, meals, and water, 41%
  • modern facilities, equipment, and technology, 41%
  • workload, 39%.

When surveyed on career development and advancement, HCA discovered that career advancement didn’t always mean vertical growth to Millennial and Gen Z nurses. A total of 28% considered moving to a new department as valuable career progress, and the same percentage cited taking on more responsibility.

When asked which support system meant the most to them, 57% said they feel most supported through their team.


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