June 15, 2023

New Gallup poll finds record high worker stress

Editor's Note

A Gallup poll—State of the Global Workplace 2023—released June 13, finds that worker stress is at a record high worldwide.

Key findings include:

  • 59% are “quiet quitting” (ie, not engaged)
  • 18% are” loud quitting” (ie, actively disengaged but still working)
  • 44% experience “a lot” of stress at work
  • 51% are watching for or actively looking for a new job.

Gallup also asked respondents, “If you could make one change at your current employer to make it a great place to work, what would it be?” Overall, 85% of responses fell into three categories:

  • engagement or culture (41%)
  • pay and benefits (28%)
  • well-being (16%).

In addition, many respondents said they would like more recognition, opportunities to learn, fair treatment, clearer goals, and better managers.

Gallup says it has found one clear answer for what leaders can do to potentially save the world: “Change the way your people are managed.”

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