June 10, 2024

How will you mark AORN’s National Time Out Day?

Editor's Note

AORN encourages perioperative leaders to speak up and reach out in honor of National Time Out Day, an annual recognition of the critical safety practice scheduled for June 12.

The annual day of recognition draws attention to the need for everyone on the surgical team to pause before a surgical procedure begins to make sure they are doing the right procedure on the right patient at the right site. According to AORN, the practice prevents surgical errors; empowers nurses to voice their concerns; improves overall team communication; and raises awareness of patient safety.

Pointing out that The Joint Commission estimating wrong surgeries up 23%, AORN encourages leaders to write their legislatures or local papers or otherwise spread the word about the importance of this critical safety practice. Other suggestions for the occasion include lunch-and-learns or simply taking a time out to walk through the procedure,

AORN’s website offers more about the practice, including resources such as AORN’s surgical checklist and The Joint Commission’s Universal Protocol.


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