April 4, 2023

Good managers the answer to workplace incivility

Editor's Note

A new meQuilibrium Self Check survey finds that good managers are pivotal to retaining employees in the face of rising rates of workplace incivility, the March 29 HealthLeaders Media reports.

Of 5,483 employees surveyed, the most common forms of incivility identified were:

  • Being ignored (26.1%)
  • Having one’s judgment questioned (24.2%)
  • Coworkers addressing colleagues in an unprofessional manner (17.3%).

According to the report, the solution lies with managers who promote team mental well-being and provide a culture of psychological safety.

Employees on teams with high levels of psychological safety rarely experience uncivil behavior in the workplace, and managers who are attentive to team well-being can reduce turnover risk by some 78%, the report says.

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