June 16, 2023

Survey: Paid time off, flexible schedule most important to young adults

Editor's Note

In a new survey conducted by Georgetown University, in partnership with Bank of America, adults cite paid time off (65%) and a flexible work schedule (58%) as the top benefits they look for when choosing an employer. Almost three quarters (73%) also want benefits that can travel with them if they change jobs, the June 13 Bank of America News reports.

The Young Adult and Workplace Wellness Survey, which questioned 1,032 working-age Gen Z and Millennials, also finds the following:

  • 44% have outstanding student loans or consumer debt, and 49% say paying off their debt is a greater priority than saving for retirement
  • 24% say their employer has policies or structures in place to support work-life balance, and the percentage of those who rate the wellness programs as good or very good  is highest in those with flexible schedules
  • 68% view their work as a way to make a living and not a major part of their identity or personal fulfillment.

“In the post-pandemic era for the workplace—with people returning to the office, hybrid work environments, and desires for greater work-life balance—employers need to adapt quickly,” the report says.


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