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    Michael May

    I’ve been working with OR Managers and Perioperative Directors for 6+ years and would like to understand what challenges others are facing with analytics and reporting out on measures like block and room utilization, FCOTS, room turnovers, etc. I’m only interested in having the discussion; not selling anything. If it makes sense, we can discuss working on your specific solution, but only if that is something that you need.
    I’m interested in how you get reports now and what, if any, actions do you take once you have them? Do you share them with surgeons? If so, what is their feedback? Are they too detailed or not detailed enough? Are they accurate or do you not trust the data? What support do you receive from IT? I’d learn a lot and perhaps I can offer some advice on what steps you’ll need to take, if you are having trouble getting what you need. Thank you.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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