March 10, 2022

Survey: Concerns older adults have when considering elective surgery

Editor's Note

New findings from the University of Michigan's "National Poll on Healthy Aging" show that while most adults between the ages of 50 and 80 express concerns when opting to have elective surgery, 2 in 3 are “very satisfied with the outcome” post-procedure, according to a March 9 American Hospital Association report.

The national survey also found that among older patients, considering elective surgery is more common in the 65 to 80 age range compared to adults aged 50 to 64, at 36% and 25%, respectively.

These were the main concerns of those considering elective procedures:

  • 64% were concerned about pain or discomfort
  • 57% had concerns about a difficult recovery
  • 46% worried about costs, COVID-19 exposure, or time off work.

These were the most common elective procedures considered:

  •  18% considered joint surgery
  • 12% considered eye surgery
  • 10% considered abdominal surgery.

Access the full survey results.


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