October 20, 2022

Session: Elements for Establishing Operational Excellence in Robotics

By: Bridget Brown

Editor's Notes

Sherry Rogers, director of robotics at Emory Healthcare, identified key elements for establishing operational excellence in robotic surgery during this breakout session on the last day of the conference. Rogers noted the practices and procedures she and her colleagues apply to Emory’s robotics program that have helped them achieve operational success. A requirement is to have the right alignment, people, and support, said Rogers, adding that it is crucial to have a proper foundation.

During her session, Rogers explained each factor that contributes to the success of the program at Emory, which included team structure and culture, team training and competency, operations, accountability, and partnerships.

Attendees learned the importance of staff support and program awareness. Having visitors in the OR is “a great way to educate and show off your program,” Rogers said. Additionally, an interactive e-newsletter, a formulized training program, and team-building events have also contributed to the success of her program. Rogers also identified a team-based approach and real-time training as key elements to the success of the program's overall implementation.

Rogers shared several operational aspects of the program, including a daily wrap sheet, a customer portal, and blocking tactics to maximize efficiency. “You have to have consistent data,” she said, noting that keeping accurate and timely data has been crucial for operational success and presenting outcomes.

Here are some takeaways for a successfully staffed robotic surgery program:

  • build trusting relationships
  • empower staff to ask for what they need
  • stay focused on the goal and on continuous improvement
  • stay grounded on patient outcomes.

Rogers concluded her presentation by emphasizing the importance of building strong partnerships. “Trust your surgeons,” she said. “Make sure you build a lot of good relationships.”


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