October 27, 2023

New upload process for Joint Commission certification program documents

By: Brita Belli

Editor's Note

A new process has been put in place for uploading documents for all certification programs to The Joint Commission, the regulatory and accreditation agency reported on October 25.

Required documents must now be uploaded to the organization’s Joint Commission Connect® extranet site, rather than to SharePoint. Any Joint Commission Connect user can upload documents if they have been granted security rights for document upload.

The new process will impact all programs with a recertification review due date or an initial ready date on or after January 15, 2024. To help guide users, The Joint Commission has added a prompt on the “What’s Due” section of the Joint Commission Connect extranet site that will prompt the document upload. The “What’s Due” section will populate 60 days before the program’s due date and all documents will be due at 45 days before the program’s due date.

The Joint Commission Connect extranet site’s document upload section can be found under the “Review Process” tab by clicking on the “Document Upload” link.


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