May 23, 2023

New borescope training model improves SPD personnel knowledge, complex skills

Editor's Note

This pilot study by epidemiologist Cori L. Ofstead, MSPH, and colleagues finds that a new borescope training model improves sterile processing department (SPD) personnel mastery and retention of complex skills.

A total of nine certified SPD personnel were involved in the study. Training focused on borescope visual inspection of endoscopes, pre- and post-training tests, structured homework, and an online booster session.

None of the SPD personnel had a passing score before the training, and 100% passed the test following the workshop. Mean test scores increased significantly after the workshop (41% vs 84%), and improvements were maintained after the booster session.

All trainees identified clinically relevant visible defects on patient-ready endoscopes at their institutions, and they reported higher technical confidence and satisfaction levels after training.

Further research is needed to determine if this training model is scalable and can be expanded to other settings, the authors say.


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