May 15, 2019

Correlation of intraop staff movements, door openings with SSI risk

By: Judy Mathias

Editor's Note

This multicenter study demonstrated an association between intraoperative staff movements and door openings with risk of surgical site infections (SSIs).

In this study of 13 ORs in 10 hospitals, performing cardiac and total hip or knee replacement surgery, door openings were assessed by sensors fixed on the doors. Intraoperative staff movements were captured by a network of 8 infrared cameras.

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For each procedure, three microbiological air counts, longitudinal particles counts, and one bacteriological sample of the wound before skin closure were performed.

The median frequency of door openings was independently associated with an increased log10 0.3 µm particle and microbial count, but it was not significantly correlated with wound contamination before closure. The number of people in the room and the cumulated movements by the surgical team were associated with log10 0.3 µm particle counts.

Restriction of staff movements and door openings should be considered for control of intraoperative exogenous infection risk, the researchers say.


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