April 29, 2024

AAMI guidance covers sterile processing of dilators, ultrasound probes

Editor's Note

A new guidance document covering the entire process for the selection, labeling, and sterile processing of dilators and ultrasound probes is available from The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).

Released April 17, AAMI TIR99:2024; Processing Of Dilators, Transesophageal And Ultrasound Probes In Health Care Facilities is a technical information report (TIR) produced by AAMI’s Endoscope Reprocessing Working Group, which comprises subject matter experts from healthcare delivery organizations, regulatory bodies, academia, and industry. According to the AAMI, subject matter includes:

  • Proper procedures for cleaning, decontamination, disinfection, and sterilization of dilators and ultrasound probes.
  • Information to be provided to endoscope and probe users by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).
  • Transporting and handling of contaminated devices, and transportation after processing.
  • Assigning Spaulding classification to clinical use of ultrasound probes and dilators.
  • The use of accessories like ultrasound gel and acoustic coupling agents.
  • Criteria for selection and use of sterile packaging systems.
  • Personnel considerations like training and qualifications, and design criteria for processing areas.

The organization expects the new guidance to greatly benefit individual sterile processing professionals and healthcare facilities alike. 


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