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Rural hospitals contend with challenging opportunities

Rural hospitals in the US have been facing a prolonged, multifaceted crisis. The literature presents several reasons for why healthcare facilities in rural areas struggle, including shrinking budgets, rising chronic illness and public health issues like addiction and obesity, poor telehealth and broadband access, aging populations, deteriorating mental health, and…

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By: David C. Walsh
June 24, 2024

Telehealth services bridge gap for specialist access in rural communities

Editor's Note Rural populations are challenged with access to consistent specialist care, with an average of just 11% of the volume of specialists per 100,000 residents compared to urban areas, according to the National Rural Health Associations. In an effort to combat the shortage of specialists, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital in Alaska…

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By: Lindsay Botts
September 7, 2023

Study: Physician-owned hospitals have worse readmissions, other quality metrics

Editor's Note According to a study from health economics consulting firm Dobson | DaVanzo, submitted to the American Hospital Association (AHA) on August 1, physician-owned hospitals (POHs) "publicly report on fewer Medicare quality measures and perform worse on readmission penalties than full-service community hospitals" AHA August 3 reports. "The study…

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By: Tarsilla Moura
August 4, 2023

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