October 24, 2022

UPMC to use new digital app for monitoring pre- and post-surgery care

By: Bridget Brown

Editor's Note

University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) facilities will be testing a new health app designed to help patients easily manage their care before and after a surgical procedure, HealthLeaders Media  October 20 reports.

“Surgery can be incredibly difficult on a patient’s body; in some cases, it can have the same toll as running a marathon,” noted a UMPC health leader, adding that helping patients make healthy decisions before surgery can help them recover faster and lessen time in the hospital.

Pip Care, the designer of the app, used Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) processes and protocols to help with surgery preparation and recovery at home.

The app will be tested at of UPMC’s Centers for Perioperative Care, located in Pittsburgh and Greenville. These hospitals handle surgeries for high-risk patients, accounting for around 10% of the health system's surgeries with inpatient stays.

The platform is a possible model for most pre- and post-surgery care. It has the capabilities to help patients communicate with their health care professionals and allow them to monitor recovery after hospital discharge.

“While patients understand a planned surgery can reduce pain, improve mobility, and change their quality of life, questions and fears about surgical procedures can lead to delays or even no-shows," PIP Care CEO said, "Having a personal health coach to guide you along each step of your journey is key to ensuring patients complete surgery with confidence and have a smooth recovery.”


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