February 9, 2023

Workshop: Building a top-level robotics program

Editor's Note

Sherry Rogers, Director of Robotics at Emory Healthcare, shared the key tactics to building and sustaining a high performing robotics program in a 2-part workshop at the OR Business Management Conference. In the session, Rogers offered a breakdown of several components of her successful program, including the training process, the day-to-day operations, and the analytics.

The training aspect of the program is a significant one, and it is important to “make it fun and engaging for your team members,” Rogers noted. It is crucial to keep everyone involved and seeing the day-to-day success of the program. Rogers created an interactive newsletter sent out to the entire team and invites C-suite into the operating room to see what is happening first-hand.  As the hands-on aspect of training, Roger has implemented ways for the team to learn and stay engaged, including one on one practice time, simulator games, and a learning portal.

Rogers shared several operational aspects of the program, including a daily wrap sheet, a customer portal, and blocking tactics to maximize efficiency. “You have to have consistent data,” she said, noting that keeping accurate and timely data has been crucial for operational success and presenting outcomes. Cleaning is also a significant aspect of the program. Rogers shared that she has simple reminders set up as well as easily accessible cleaning supplies for the team

Another key aspect of the program was setting up a periodic automatic replenishment system (PARS) so that ordering new inventory was simplified. This system uses data and historical trends to know what supplies are needed.  Rogers also discussed the different types of data platforms she has used to organize key information, such as, costs, time, block utilization and type of procedure. Rogers concluded the workshop with an overview of the key elements to building an operationally successful robotics program.

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