December 5, 2023

New wearable device system could aid in remote medical monitoring

Editor's Note

A new wearable monitoring device system from researchers at the University of Arizona aims to make digital health access more equitable. These research findings were published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on December 4. 

  • The new device can reportedly send health data up to 15 miles–significantly further than Wi-Fi or Bluetooth systems–without the need for major infrastructure changes. 
  • The soft mesh wearable is considered “biosymbiotic,” or customized by 3D printer to fit the user. 
  • The device is designed to be worn on the low forearm, and stays in place even during exercise, allowing it to gather and transmit high-quality data. 

In addition to the device itself, the research team created circuitry and an antenna that allows the data to be sent over long distances. The team wants to further develop the wearable device and its communication system to help aid in remote monitoring in rural areas, war zones, and other communities in need.


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