September 8, 2022

Nasal COVID-19 vaccine approved in China and India

By: Lauren McCaffrey

Editor's Note

China and India approved COVID-10 vaccines given through the nose or mouth, which scientists have claimed to be a “game changer” for the pandemic, BBC News September 5 reports. The novel vaccine targets the mucous membranes and starts an immune response where the coronavirus enters the body. The goal is to prevent mild cases and block transmission to others, which the shots cannot do, WebMD September 7 reports.

“These approvals validate the need for mucosal vaccines. That’s the direction we need to go globally, and the United States needs to catch up,” said Marty Moore, PhD, co-founder of Meissa Vaccines in California, which is currently developing a nasal COVID-19 vaccine.

Nasal coronavirus vaccines are now worldwide and more than 100 similar vaccines are being developed globally. On Sunday, China’s health department and National Medical Products Administration approved the nasal spray as a booster, developed by CanSino Biologics. India’s vaccine was approved by regulators on Tuesday and is intended to be a two-dose series rather than booster. Additionally, Iran and Russia just approved mucosal vaccines.

Researchers and public health experts are unable to say how successful these mucosal vaccines are at this point. More studies are needed to determine whether this vaccine can prevent people from getting mild illness and spreading the virus to others.

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