October 6, 2022

Long-term outcomes after metabolic, bariatric surgery in adolescents

By: Judy Mathias

Editor's Note

This study led by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine finds significant sustained reduction in weight and comorbidities as well as low rates of long-term complications 10 years or more after having metabolic and bariatric surgery as an adolescent.

A total of 96 patients (83% female, 75% Hispanic) who had metabolic and bariatric surgery at 21 years of age or younger were evaluated 10 to 18 years after surgery. Median preoperative BMI was 44.7 kg/m2. At follow-up, mean total body weight decreased by 31.3% in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients and 22.5%in laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding patients.

Patients with preoperative hyperlipidemia, asthma, and diabetes/hyperglycemia reported 100% remission at follow-up. Also reported were decreases in hypertension (13.5% vs 1%), sleep apnea (16.7% vs 1%), gastroesophageal reflux disease (13.5% vs 3.1%), anxiety (7.3% vs 2.1%), and depression (27.1% vs 4.2%).

The findings have important implications for adolescents who may be considering metabolic and bariatric surgery for weight reduction and improvements in health that extend into adulthood, the authors say.

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