March 21, 2024

Johnson & Johnson, NVIDIA promote artificial intelligence for the OR

Editor's Note

Collaboration between Johnson & Johnson and Nvidia could soon enable surgeons to automate documentation by using artificial intelligence (AI) to scan video of procedures. CNBC reported the news March 18.

Surgical video scans are just one possible application of the collaboration, with the report noting that “J&J’s MedTech unit and Nvidia plan to integrate AI within devices and platforms from pre-op to post-op to help ensure that surgeons have access to all the information they need.”

The two companies work on developing and scaling AI offers particular promise for educating surgeons and physicians and eventually, layering analytics atop video to support real-time decision-making. “There’s an ability to use all the sources of data inside an operating room, whether it’s your voice, or whether it’s the video coming from a camera inside the body, or elsewhere, to take advantage of the generative AI moment that we’re in,” Nvidia’s vice president of health care Kimberly Powell told CNBC. 


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