April 16, 2024

Hackers demand another ransom from Change Healthcare after dark web data leak

Editor's Note:

Ransomware group RansomHub is threatening to sell information stolen in the Change Healthcare cyberattack after leaking some of the material to the dark web, according to an April 16 report in Becker’s Health IT.

Comprising contracts, records, and other personal patient data, the posted material is part of an alleged 4 terabytes of private information that the group is threatening to sell if the healthcare organization does not pay an undisclosed amount of money. Change Healthcare has reportedly already paid $22 million to the BlackCat/ALPHV.

“That gang disappeared while stiffing its affiliate that helped pull off the hack and still had the data,” Beckers reports about the latter group. Experts quoted in the article say the attempt at coercing a second ransom illustrates the danger of paying off cybercriminals in the first place.

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