June 29, 2023

First single-use endovascular robotic surgical system completes pre-clinical study in NY

By: Lindsay Botts

Editor's Note

Micobot Medical announced on June 29 that its LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System has completed an extended pre-clinical study in a New York-based research lab.

With LIBERTY, the first single-use endovascular robotic surgical system, Microbot Medical aims to improve the way surgical robotics are used in endovascular procedures by eliminating the need for large, expensive capital equipment, and reducing radiation exposure and physician strain.

A team of interventional radiologists and medical industry executives participated in the two-day study, performing dozes of catheterizations to pre-determined vascular targets “with a 100% success rate of reaching the intended target with no observable on-site complications,” according to the press release. This is the first study conducted in the United States with LIBERTY.

Positive feedback was provided regarding:

  • the intuitiveness of the system
  • ease of setup and use
  • the ability to control procedures remotely with a controller.

“We believe that our LIBERTY Robotic Surgical System has the potential to benefit patients, physicians and commercial organizations from the medical field as we continue to advance in the regulatory process with the FDA and other regions across the world,” said Harel Gadot, chief executive officer for Microbot Medical.

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