September 1, 2023

Cosmetic surgery, facial procedures rising trend among young adults, teens

Editor's Note

The rise of the "selfie boom" and social media usage, often referred to as "snapchat dysmorphia" or the "instaface effect," has led to an increase in young adults and teens seeking cosmetic surgeries, particularly non-invasive procedures like Botox and dermal fillers, News Center Maine August 28 reports. According to the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, 82% of facial procedures in 2022 included these treatments, which advertise as offering natural-looking effects and aiming to boost self-esteem and confidence, especially to those who are active on social media.

While these procedures have become more socially acceptable, plastic surgeon Jason Gardenier, MD, who works at the Maine Plastic Surgery Center, emphasizes the importance of understanding both the benefits and risks involved. Botox and fillers can cause rare side effects, such as facial muscle asymmetry, eyelid weakness, and, in extreme cases, blockage of blood vessels. However, these risks are infrequent.

Recent concerns regarding a fungal epidemic linked to unlicensed practitioners and products not approved by the Food and Drug Administration highlight the importance of selecting qualified medical professionals rather than aestheticians for these facial procedures. Dr Gardenier recommends that individuals under the age of 18 generally refrain from cosmetic procedures unless there is a medical necessity.

Dr Gardenier also advises individuals considering these procedures to conduct thorough research on their chosen healthcare provider, maintain transparent communication to set realistic expectations, and diligently follow pre-surgery and postoperative instructions for positive outcomes. Notably, these treatments are temporary and require regular maintenance to sustain their effects.



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