August 28, 2023

Cleveland Clinic London surgeons perform TKA assisted by augmented reality

Editor's Note

The Cleveland Clinic announced, on August 16, that surgeons at its London facility successfully performed a total knee arthroplasty (TKA) with the assistance of an augmented reality-based platform designed with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Augmented reality, which gives a 3D visualization of the joint, helps with planning the procedure and allows for the best positioning of the implant because it is tailored to the unique anatomy and specific needs of the patient.

During the procedure, the surgeon wears a pair of augmented reality glasses to view the patient’s specific knee anatomy in 3D. Two sensors are attached to the patient’s leg to provide real-time soft tissue feedback, such as ligament tension.

The procedure was performed on July 18, and the patient is doing well.


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