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HHS releases tool to identify environmental hazards

Editor's Note On Wednesday August 10, the Department of Health and Human Services released the Environmental Justice Index (EJI), a tool used to identify health risks from pollution and other environmental hazards, the American Hospital Association July 10 reports. The EJI is the first national, geographic-driven tool utilized to measure…

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By: Lauren McCaffrey
August 11, 2022

Best practices for ASCs: Cleaning in the COVID-19 era

Ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) rely on OR staff to clean the room during turnovers, sometimes contracting with outside firms to do terminal cleaning. As COVID-19 brings renewed attention to disinfection methods, ASC administrators may ask: What are the best methods to keep OR rooms clean? Since the pandemic began, the…

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By: Jennifer Lubell
May 24, 2022
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