[Free Webinar] Putting the Puzzle Together: Optimize OR Capacity & Align Resources
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October 2022

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When your ORs are not efficiently utilized, revenue is lost, patient and staff satisfaction declines, and resources are misallocated. However, optimizing capacity is a complex challenge:

  • Block schedules intended to help with efficiency can unintentionally hinder OR scheduling, resulting in underutilization.
  • You don’t have the information available to plan for cases and address barriers ahead of time.
  • Cases that run longer than booked create delays. Those that run shorter result in missed opportunities for cases and revenue.
  • Your perioperative staff schedule does not align with the upcoming case mix, leading to chaotic scrambles as you seek out the OR workforce you need to meet the planned day’s requirements.

In this session, learn how to take a holistic approach to managing the perioperative suite that will maximize efficiency, even with limited OR resources. Discover ways data and automated workflows can streamline operations and standardize case planning to create, find, and fill more OR time and maximize your surgical case volume based on available resources.

Learning objectives  

  • Develop a holistic approach to managing perioperative operations that creates transparency and enhances your workflows for creating, finding and filling more OR time
  • Identify staffing gaps and consider solutions that align the OR schedule with your workforce to optimally allocate your staff
  • Learn how to proactively address barriers to running cases and build predictive operational case planning into workflows at your organization


Shawn Sefton
CNO & VP, Clinical Solutions
Hospital IQ
Deb Tse
Senior Solution Design Consultant
Hospital IQ 


Putting the Puzzle Together. A Holistic Approach to Perioperative Operations that Optimizes OR Capacity and Aligns Resources
September 28, 2022  |  1:00PM EDT |  1 CE credit

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Latest Issue of OR Manager
October 2022
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