May 19, 2022

Who is most at risk for long COVID-19?

By: Judy Mathias

Editor's Note

In this study, Japanese researchers found that COVID-19 severity is not a risk factor for long COVID-19, but older age is.

Analysis of responses to a questionnaire survey from 127 recovered patients found that:

  • 52% had sequelae at a median of 29 days from COVID-19 onset, and prevalence of sequelae did not significantly differ by gender, severity of COVID-19, place of medical care, smoking status, or comorbidities.
  • The prevalence of lingering symptoms varied by age group, but older patients were significantly more likely to have long COVID-19, compared with those aged 40 and below.
  • Common symptoms reported by those with long COVID-19 were sense of smell disorders (15%), taste disorders (14.2%), cough (14.2%), and fatigue (11%).
  • Female gender and presence of sequelae were independent risk factors for psychological distress.

The study shows the significant impact of long COVID-19 on health in local communities, the researchers say. A large, long-term cohort study is needed.

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