September 26, 2019

Using AI to improve OR efficiency

Editor's Note

In this study, a machine learning algorithm resulted in the most accurate estimation of operative case-time duration.

Researcher developed models to predict case-time duration using linear regression and supervised machine learning. Each model included an all-inclusive model, service-specific models, and surgeon-specific models. The data set used included 46,986 scheduled surgical procedures performed at a large academic medical center.

The machine learning algorithm resulted in the highest predictive capability, and the surgeon-specific model was superior to the service-specific model.

The ability to predict cases within 10% improved from 32% using the hospital’s institutional standard to 39% using the machine learning surgeon-specific model.

The findings of this study are a notable advancement toward statistical modeling of case-time duration across all surgical departments, the authors note. Machine learning can improve estimations of case duration, which improves OR scheduling and efficiency and reduces costs.


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