September 28, 2018

Test evaluates fluid leakage at the glove-gown interface

By: Judy Mathias

Editor's Note

In this study, a novel test method with a robotic arm was used to investigate the effect of movement, exposure type, exposure duration, procedure duration, and existence of pressure on the amount of fluid leakage at the glove-gown interface.

Results show that with the exception of procedure duration, all parameters significantly affected the amount of fluid leaked at the interface. Leakage:

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  • was higher for soaking than spraying
  • increased as exposure duration increased
  • was greater when pressure was applied.

Because, currently, there is no standard test to evaluate fluid leakage or assess performance improvements with new gowns/gloves, the method developed in this study could be used by manufacturers and standards development organizations to evaluate products and develop testing standards and guidelines, the researchers say.


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