May 14, 2024

Survey: More than half of nurses pessimistic about 2024, ready to change jobs

Editor's Note

Most nurses think this year will be “no better or worse” than last year, and more than one-third are “extremely likely” to change jobs, according to a national survey by Texas healthcare workforce solutions company AMN Healthcare. Fox News reported on the findings May 10.

Specifically, 80% of the 1,155 respondents offered the “no better or worse” response about 2024, while 38% said this year will be worse. Only 20% expect this year to be better than last. Most—55%--said changing jobs is very or somewhat likely, with 35% indicating a job change is “extremely likely.”

AMN personnel quoted in the article attribute these sentiments to feelings of being overworked and undercompensated. Among other factors, these feelings result from regional and other pay inequities, high patient-to-nurse ratios, long hours, emotional and mental stress, inadequate staffing, abuse, and a lack of autonomy and recognition. Ways to help reportedly include delegating tasks, offering new technologies, and investing in recruitment and retention efforts.

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