February 7, 2018

Short-term weight loss before bariatric surgery linked to better outcomes

By: Judy Mathias

Editor’s Note

Patients who lose some weight before bariatric surgery achieve greater weight loss after surgery, and they have shorter procedures and hospital stays, this study finds.

Those (224 patients) who lost 8% of their excess weight by following a 1,200 calorie diet for 4 weeks before their surgeries had a 7.5% greater weight loss at the 12-month postoperative mark, compared with those (131 patients) who followed the diet but did not achieve that weight loss goal.

The analysis also showed a reduction in hospital length of stay (1.8 vs 2.1 days) and an average shorter operative time (117 minutes vs 125 minutes) for the group who achieved the preoperative weight loss goal.

This study adds to the body of research data showing it is beneficial for bariatric surgery programs to encourage and counsel patients to try to achieve weight loss before surgery, the authors say.



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