March 31, 2022

Risk factors for COVID-19 in HCWs

Editor's Note

This French study finds that contact with COVID-19 patients was not the highest risk of COVID-19 in healthcare workers (HCWs).

Of 3,234 HCWs enrolled in the study, 120 (3.8%) contracted COVID-19. The highest risk factors were contact with relatives or other HCWs  with COVID-19.

Multivariate analysis showed that suboptimal use of PPE during nasopharyngeal sampling, mobilization of patients in bed, clinical examination, and eye examination were linked to COVID-19 infection in HCWs.

Washing and dressing patients as well as aerosol-generating procedures were additional risk factors for HCWs, with or without appropriate use of PPE.

The researchers concluded that risk factors for COVID-19 in HCWs were contact with relatives or other HCWs with COVID-19, close or prolonged contact with patients, and aerosol-generating procedures. They recommend enhanced protective measures be used during the latter two care activities.


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