January 13, 2023

Research: Cancer screening diagnoses one in seven cases on average

By: Tarsilla Moura

Editor's Note

Only about one in seven cases of cancer in the US are detected and diagnosed through cancer screening, The Hill December 15 reports, citing research from independent research institution NORC at the University of Chicago.

The researchers found that “just 14% of diagnosed cancers are detected via screening—and most others are found when symptoms occur or in the course of other medical care. According to NORC, cancer diagnoses outside of recommended screenings account for 70% of cancer-related deaths.

Cancer screening tests are available for just five cancer types, according to The Hill, including breast, lung, cervical, colorectal, and prostate (the latter of which is not widely recommended); 57% of cancers do not have a recommended screening test. For those cancer types, again, diagnoses are not typically made until the patient starts presenting symptoms.


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