March 7, 2019

Levels of innovativeness in nurse executives, managers, clinical directors

By: Judy Mathias

Editor’s Note

Understanding the levels and components of innovativeness can help nurse leaders affect change in themselves and their organizations, this study concludes.

A total of 137 nurse leaders in executive and management positions were surveyed on their levels of innovativeness using the Scales for Measurement of Innovativeness.

Of 137 nurse leaders in executive and management positions surveyed, 51 were in the innovativeness category of early majority, 49 were in late majority, and 20 were in the lowest category of laggards.

Only two were categorized as innovators, and only 15 were early adopters.

Nurse executives and clinical directors had significantly higher levels of innovativeness than nurse managers. Graduate education and certification were not associated with higher levels of innovativeness.

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