December 20, 2018

2019 Planning Committee Update

By: Beverly Kirchner BSN, RN, CNOR, CASC, COO, SurgeryDirect LLC

Amazing how fast the year has gone. It feels like I just finished the blog to say, “welcome,” and now I am taking a moment to wish you all a very happy holiday season.

And now, more than ever, this blog is meant for all ambulatory surgery center leaders (whether a Charge Nurse or an Administrator) as a means to stay in the know (read: stay current) in an ambulatory industry that is evolving and changing at a faster rate than ever before.

First, a big shout out to your planning committee members and extended teams.
Members consist of Donna Label, Fawn Esser-Lipp, and Beverly Kirchner (me). The OR Manager representatives include Taylor McCarthy, Jenn Heinold, Jane Kuhn, Pepper Coe, and Kristy Keller. The editorial team members in attendance were Judy Mathias, Elizabeth Wood, and Cynthia Saver. Other team members (representing Business, Clinical, Leadership, and PACU) were Beth Bozzelli, Dawn Vocke, Donna Doyle, Cindy Kildgore, Amy Bethel, Becky Holland, Carol Pehotsky, Veronica Petersen, and Janet Quigley. Thank you for an amazing meeting and for providing such wonderful input into the ASC track to be presented September 18-20, 2019, in the historic city of New Orleans.

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Big wins coming out of the November planning meeting in New Orleans.
The ASC planning committee reviewed the proposals sent in by potential presenters. The team discussed all kinds of topics, from patient safety and high-quality care to the hot and emerging topics that ASC leaders should be addressing (or soon will be in 2019). The process did not stop there. Everyone in attendance reviewed the topics and made additional suggestions. In the end, there was much good dialogue and debate, and the team decided on a group of topics for the ASC track.

Last year, the ASC track had a pre-conference workshop on quality assessment performance improvement (QAPI). The pre-conference was so well received that OR Manager is going to hold an ASC pre-conference workshop in 2019 addressing volume versus value-based care/purchasing. The pre-conference workshop will address the elements that make up value-based care and the journey an ASC will need to take to prepare to implement this model of care. The workshop will provide concrete techniques on how to engage your physicians, staff, and patients in the care provided in your ASC, and the role your QAPI program plays in the value-based care model. The workshop speakers will also discuss the reality one will face in creating and then sustaining this model.

Inpatient and HOPD insight gives and invaluable look into the ASC future.
As an interesting side note: something that started as just an occasional observation that soon became a trend was the input from the inpatient and HOPD leaders on the committee. The inpatient and HOPD leaders are experiencing today what ASC leaders will experience in the near future. Collectively, we found their input invaluable for us as a group. As leaders, we should find ways to learn and glean insight from the inpatient and HOPD leaders on how to implement new technologies as well as value-based purchasing and payer models (that are currently emerging into the ASC industry but have been in the inpatient industry for years).

ASC focused breakout sessions are going to rock!
The planning committee also discussed and decided on the following breakout sessions for the conference: The Role of the Safety Officer (expanding upon 2018’s workshop program), Regulatory and Quality Measure Reporting Updates for ASCs, Managing the Unique Supply Chain Needs of the ASC, Emergency Preparedness and Processes in an Offsite ASC, Pre-Admission and Patient Selection, and Education and Competency Tracking.  As you can see, the committee has lined up an outstanding program for the ASC track. I sure hope you are able to add the OR Manager conference to your list of attended meetings in 2019.

2020 will be here in a blink of an eye.
Want to be a presenter? Have an emerging or hot topic that you are passionate about? Great! I hope that all of you reading this blog will be inspired to submit a proposal for the OR Manager Conference in 2020. Even if you do not want to be a presenter, consider providing the OR Manager planning committee with topics that are of interest to you and bring value to you as a leader. We will find the speaker.

If you have never spoken before but think you would like to give it a try, please let the planning committee know. OR Manager has groups of wonderful leaders who would love nothing more than to help you make the leap and become an excellent speaker, sharing your knowledge. Fawn Esser Lipp is a great example of that leap. Fawn spoke at the OR Manager Conference in 2018 and had never spoken before. However, she submitted a proposal that the committee loved, and she presented a three-hour workshop on the role of the Safety Officer in an ASC.Fawn will be back in 2019 to speak on the topic in a workshop designed just for you.

Ever wanted to try blogging?
Another way to share your knowledge is by writing for this blog. If you have a process or a new service that is working well, please take a few moments to share your knowledge/journey/details with all of us. If I can do it, so can you! You do not need to be an excellent writer to write for the blog. The writers at OR Manager will work with you to get the blog posted. Have an idea? Contact Taylor McCarthy via email at

We would love to hear from you.
One ask before I end today’s blog. Would you be willing to take a moment and provide feedback to us on the programs for the ASC track being presented in 2019? The program is developed for you, and without your input we can only guess whether we got it right or not after the fact. I, along with committee members Fawn, Donna, and the OR Manager team, want to thank you for supporting OR Manager and helping the ASC track grow and meet your needs for the present and future.

Thank you.
This all works by having ambulatory nurse experts willing to share their knowledge and experiences, freely and with feedback and input from nurse leaders like you.

I appreciate your time.  See you soon.

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